Barbie’s New Body– Is the Evolution too late?
Aiyana • February 12, 2016 • No Comments

After decades of the iconic blonde bombshell Barbie that we have all come to know and love (and sometimes loathe), Mattel has decided to get with the times. Barbie is showcasing

Aiyana • February 10, 2016 • No Comments

Now anyone who knows me knows I love me some self-help, get your life, put in that werk type of book and Werk 101 was IT! I knew it was worth

3 Lessons Learned from Super Bowl 50
swcadmin • February 08, 2016 • No Comments

3 Things Every Single Mom Should Know About Being a Boss
Aiyana • February 08, 2016 • No Comments

Being a single mom is no walk in the park. Neither is building your own brand or climbing the corporate ladder. But, there are plenty of moms who’ve learned the

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